I'm an Istanbul-based journalist

Jennifer is an Istanbul-based freelancer writing about environmental, social, and urban issues as well as arts and culture, food, and travel.

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92 Ways of Looking at a Tree

Up close and aboreal with photographer James Balog.

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A Bowl Full of Hope

Soup-delivery project brings together three disadvantaged groups often ignored in Turkey’s largest city

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All My Little Illusions of Safety

Break-dancers, suicide bombers, and the illusion of safety: Confessions of a fearful traveler.

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Zester Daily

Amid Strife, Turks Break Fast Together for Ramadan

Amid political strife in Turkey, this year's Ramadan fast-breaking meals became a forum for Turkish people to express their dissatisfaction....

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A Monster-sized Dessert Strikes the Heart of Istanbul

Sweet-toothed Istanbul residents lined up recently in Taksim Square for a sticky, gooey bite from a 73-meter-long künefe – one meter for every year that the province of Hatay has been a part of Turkey.

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An Independent Existence

Recalling Harriet Lane Levy’s unusual, eclectic life.

Grigori and students article
Zester Daily

A Place At Turkish Table For Armenians, Israelis And More

Food for Diplomacy project in Istanbul aims to use culinary similarities as a way to bring people from countries with strained relationships back together.

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Zester Daily

A Pudding for All That Comes From Turkey's Melting Pot

A common sight on Istanbul tables in recent weeks, aşure, which may be the world's oldest dessert, is an unusual blend of savory and sweet. The dish is seen by some as the epitome of the Turkish "melting pot."

Artwalk istanbul article
Time Out Istanbul

Artsy excursions

Whether you prefer to look at art or make some yourself, we have a walk for you.

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Best Bites of 2010: Hamsi by the Haliç

In my mind, it’s always chilly when I imagine pulling a white plastic chair up to one of the folding tables set crookedly on the patchy grass leading down to the banks of the Golden Horn, behind the Karaköy fish market.

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Best Bites of 2011: Beating the Meyhane Blues

This year, three very different establishments reminded me why the meyhane night is such a beloved Turkish tradition.

Puerto rico article

Between Two Worlds

Can Puerto Rico preserve its Caribbean beauty as it pursues the American dream?


Celebrating 100 Years of Ansel Adams

In this issue, Sierra commemorates the 100th anniversary of Ansel Adams's birth on February 20, 1902. Best known for his dramatic black-and-white images of our national parks, the visionary photographer shaped the way Americans think about our natural heritage.....

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The Atlantic

Centuries-Old Gardens Are the Latest Battleground in Istanbul

The ongoing debate raises bigger questions about who benefits from the city's changing landscape....